In today’s fast paced business environments; accessibilty, quick decision making, reliability and the ability to communicate from anywhere in your organization is becoming more critical to business success. If a customer cannot reach the person they are looking for or if an emplyee can’t contact a fellow colleague, customer satisfaction and productivity could suffer as a result.

The iServ product range provide an affordable, scalable on-site solution for employee mobility; allowing you to offer a device to your employees that enables them to keep in-touch with colleagues and customers wherever they may be away from their desk, thus maintaining customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

iServ DECT Cordless

With its integrated messaging, man down facilities, emergency pull-out button, the iServ 8830 solution opens the doors for opportunities in a multitude of customer verticals including but not limited to government facilities, hospitals, aged care facilities, large warehouse, mariners, pubs and clubs and correctional facilities. With all the benefits of IP, the iServ IP DECT extends the reach of your voice communications without any compromise in voice quality, availability and security. The iServ 8630 is the perfect handset partner for customers looking for an affordable, scalable DECT solution capable of working on any IP PBX. Its key market segments are targeted towards large warehouses, dispatch centres, car dealerships and large offices. For entry level Cordless requirements, the iServ 8430 would bring suitable value.

iServ Base Station

The iServ base station controls all of the handsets. It is POE capable so it makes for an easier installation procedure. The iServ base stations do not need expensive servers to run them as you add more base stations to the environment making this an affordable scalable solution. Any of the iServ handsets can pair to this base station.

The iServ UC711NC headset for office and call centre staff. It is an affordable headset with noise cancelling ability. The headset includes any quick disconnection cord. These cords suit all handsets available in the market.